North Kirklees in West Yorkshire has won a pot of lottery money from Arts Council England. With this, people in the area are making the Creative Scene – getting involved to make amazing arts events happen and shining a spotlight on the area’s creativity and culture.

There’s an ambition until 2020 to make the arts a part of everyday life, and make a lasting change in the way people take part in, make, and experience the arts.

Why? Because we believe that a thriving cultural life has all kinds of benefits for the area, and that we need to find new ways for people to be inspired by the arts.

Creative Scene has been set up to make all this happen.

All kinds of people have been getting involved. They’re commissioning new projects. They’re visiting events, theatre and festivals around the country to bring great new things to our area. They’re finding new venues – pubs, clubs, train stations – in which to present plays, films and  exhibitions, and they are encouraging work colleagues, friends and neighbours to join in.

Making a Scene is their journey and the stories are compiled by photographer and writer, Len Grant.

If you’d like to get involved and start your own arts adventure, please contact